Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Prototype of a new 3/4 guitar model

This is a new model  I will be producing in the future.
 A 3/4 size guitar
9 1/2" resonator with a scale length of 23 inches.
The smallest body size  that will fit a full size resonator with  some added depth to the body to develop the bass.
With a standard set of medium strings it tunes nicely up to open and E and open A tunings.
A heavier set would be preferable for standard tuning.
It's a great full sound.
Sorry about the paintjob . "Coral Red "it said on the  can! I can see a repaint further down the track on this one.
 The shape started from a Les Paul outline and was reduced until it could just fit a standard cone inside. It's first use was as an 8 string steel strung baritone uke, a custom order.
Because of the work involved in making new moulds for  my construction method I wanted a shape that would served as many uses as possible.
It works as a Baritone uke by putting an 8 " cone in the body instead of the 9 1/2 ". I thought a full size cone with a mandola type set up would be just too overpowering in volume for what was meant to be a uke still.
I'm currently building a tenor guitar using this same  8"  cone. That will appear in a later blog.
Other possible use are many, maybe even a 5 string banjo!

This pictures shows the new model beside a ful size Electro as a size comparison

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