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Beltona Resonator Mandolin

This instrument is a second primarily because the well and coverplate are a little off centre but also there are imperfections in the paint finish.Neither defects  make any difference to how the mandolin sounds or plays.

The body is fibreglass and the coverplate is carbonfibre. The neck is a black lacquered mahogany with radiused rosewood fingerboard and Gotoh tuners. Inside is a Beltona 8" cone.

The price for this instrument is £950 + shipping outside the UK. Included is a Gator hardcase


  1. I was wondering what the weight of each
    Instrument was as well as if there were any sound samples available.
    I was also wondering what was the preferred method of payment.

  2. Hi Brent Which instruments are you asking about? On my website there are some sample sounds. It's also better to email me through the website Bank transfers or cheques are best Paypal at a pinch, very high fees for me if you are outside the UK with Paypal. Transferwise is a good option if its available where you are. Best Wishes Steve