Ukuleles for sale

Current stock is low due to the many custom orders but There will be more coming soon

Beltona Concert #1 Ukulele Sold

A standard #1 body with a new headstock shape. This one also has a koa wood headstock veneer and rope bindings on the fingerboard. The tuners are Grover brand. The neck is mahogony and the fingerboard is rosewood.

 This photo shows the warm cream body colour better than the ones above.The price is £800 inc case and shipping inside the UK.Euro 1090 $US1240 + shipping

 Thanks for looking. Drop me an email for any additional information you might need

Beltona  Kiwi
Soprano Ukulele

This is a new style of Beltona uke. Originally my inspiration for the fibreglass bodied ukes came from the plastic ukuleles of Mario Maccaferri.  Maccaferri made his ukes entirely from plastic moulded parts. What I have done here is combine the fibreglass body with a traditional wooden top and neck

The thin wooden top is mahogany, the neck is New Zealand kauri, the fingerboard and headstock are Indian rosewood. These woods combine to give a sweet mellow sound and the fibreglass back and sides give enhanced projection and more punch than traditional all wood ukes.
The fibreglass body has a Bakelite pattern made in the mould.  Each one is unique. The body outline is taken from a Weissenborn ukulele of 1920's, a traditional shape, and is able to stand on end on a flat surface.

Price £300 inc a bag and shipping in the UK or Euro 400 $US465 + shipping 

Beltona 5 string Kiwi Ukulele Sold

Made with a fibreglass bakelite finish back and sides and a New Zealand kauri wood top.The wood was cut from a log dug from a Northland new Zealand swamp and hardened by mineralization over many thousands of years.It has a very mellow sound reminiscent of Koa  but with the composite back it gives an added projection and cutting power.

The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard and the tuners are Grover.The  strings are tuned
DGCEA. The usual re-entrant tuning but continuing the sequence beyind the high  G fourth to a high D fifth string. The result is a five note chord rather like the strings of a guitar without the bottom E string. The sound quality for chord playing is fuller than four strings in a way you would not expext the simple additon of one string to be. In a picking style the extra string adds a harplike quality to the sound. I think this idea is my own as I've not come across it myself but it seems so logical that someone might have come up with it before me. It was an experiment that proved sucessful and in future I will be make resonator ukes in the same style.
The price for this unique intrument is £300 or Euro 400+shipping or $US465+shipping.
I'm happy to send more photos to anyone interested.
Thank you for looking.

Beltona/Francis Ukuleles Sold

A collaboration with  renown Weissenborn guitar maker Tony Francis. This instruments are the last of a batch made by myself and Tony when I was living in New Zealand near Tony.
 This one features a back and sides made from fibreglass with a unique bakelite pattern made in the mould. Inspired by Mario Maccaferri's plastic ukes of the 50's but with the crucial addition of a Koa wood top. It has all the warmth and mellowness of a koa uke but the projection of the dense composite body,a great combination.

The top edge and the soundhole is bound in white,the neck is mahogany and the peghead overlay is pearloid with Grover tuners and Hilo strings.


Another Beltona/Francis ukulele of a more traditional shape and style.Once again made with a fibreglass back and sides with unique bakelite pattern, a koa wood top with  rope binding on the top edge and white soundhole binding, The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard and koa wood peghead overlay and Grover tuners.

Both Beltona/Francis ukes are priced at £400inc case and shipping in the UK or Euro575 or $US610